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Croft Nostalgia was an excellent weekend, both with content and weather. With around 300 classic cars, and 100 MV's/dioramas booked in, plus flying displays and historic racing, it was going to be a busy weekend. The forecast was fairly good and the only serious rain was a thunderstorm on Friday ,late afternoon, after we had set up camp. After it cleared, it gave a really nice Sun set which I took advantage of in pictures three and four.










More pictures to follow.....

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Aviation displays in the air and on the ground were two Spitfire replicas, a Yak 52, Jet Provost, Cessna 140, and the Alvis Leonides and RR Griffon aero engines which ran several times across the weekend. One of the Spits was the aircraft originally booked for the show, but it was damaged recently at another show, preventing easy assembly. Its owner was Neil McCarthy, who was also the flightline director for the show, so it paid a visit on route for repairs while Neil supervised the Yak display. The replacement aircraft was from the www.aircraftrestorationgroup.org/, a group connected to the guys with the aero engines.









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M3 Stuart Tank ( or is it an M5? ), brought by Chris Till



M24 Chaffee



Northern WW2 Halftrack



Both tanks were taken over the track into the field next to the start/finish straight for a blast around, literally. The Chaffee fired off several rounds.


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On Sunday afternoon, there was a fashion/history show, using the fashions of the 1940's to tell the story of the war from declaration in 1939 to VE Day.


War is declared



LDV/Home Guard, Captain Mainwaring and Corporal Jones



Pearl Harbor



Rosie the Riveter



Glenn Miller



The Resistance


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