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Museum of Army Transport Beverley

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Wikipedia says: "The Museum of Army Transport was a museum of British Army vehicles in Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, England. It was commercially unsuccessful, going into administration, closed in summer 2003." Its collections are said to have been transferred to the National Army Museum.


I stumbled about two photos in the net, where a truck disguised to be an LRDG truck w2as called a Chevrolet WB 30cwt...


Now. The early Chevrolets used by the LRDG were not WB but WA. And the truck shown on the pivtures is obviously a Dodge but not a Chevrolet (and also the sand channels are not of the type used in the Desert War).


However, I recall the movie "Sea of Sand" where - probably due to lack of Chevrolets- they have used exactly such Dodge trucks as the LRDGs patrol vehicles.


Could it be that this truck remains from the movie (although the desert scenes were filmed in Libya)?

And - is that truck still on display in UK?


Here the photos:




LRDG Dodge 02.jpg

LRDG Dodge 01.jpg

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Right l have now looked at a couple of books first LRDG GROUP BY R JENNER AND D LISTER reading it they mention the

f 3o and chev wb also on the subject of sand chanels the one in the museum had pierce planking as far as l know

it is not the type shown in the books but was around during WW 2 AS to was it from the flim sea of sand l do not know but l

do not think so as far as been on display any were in the UK l would say not

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A long time ago, when I was very young ( stop laughing up the back there ....:blush: ) I saw a bit of monochrome film which featured a Humber Box in the desert. I don't remember the circumstances, but reasonably certain it was original film and not anything post WW2.


The thing that was noticeable about this Humber was that it had no roof at all. It had the full main body, and windscreen, but the doors and rear body just stopped at the body line, making for a very spiffy four door open-topped tourer. If I remember correctly the glass screens had been painted too with just the wiper sweeps left clear.


Does this ring a bell with anyone? What I know of Box construction tells me that if you take the roof off the rest of the back body would fall to bits - yes, no, opinions?


...and before anyone asks, it was definitely a Box as it was really quite distinctive and I knew my vehicles, even back in those days.

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In the film ICE COLD IN ALEX theres one at the begining GENERAL ALEXANDER had one and there where others the

story about ALEXANDERS is that its roof was badly damaged when been unloaded so they just took the roof off

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GENERAL ALEXANDER had one and there where others the story about ALEXANDERS is that its roof was badly damaged when been unloaded so they just took the roof off


The famous car of Alexander, if I am not wrong, was a Ford C11ADF 'Woody" were the structure above the doors was removed and the windshield replaced by one of a German Horch Kfz.15 Staff car. That particular vehicle is on disply in Canada.

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The humbers have an amazing chassis. But they also have a body that unbraced is like playing cards propped against one another!


Or is it dominos?


I think that if you undid the right (or wrong) plough bolts the thing would fold up..........

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That's the thing, well done.


Undoubtedly a Box. When was the film made then? I know they tinkered with the mechanics of the K2 but didn't realise that is where I saw the Box too


silly me, should have thought of that.

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I guess the Humber might have been chopped just for the film, possibly to make the characters inside it more visible. After all they converted the Katy to 4x4 so they were able to modify vehicles. I agree that the body would have been very flimsy without the roof but the b and c posts were probably given some additional internal support so that the body survived the filming. If one of the Forum's Humber owners can have a close look at the film maybe they'll spot some modifications inside.

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ALEXANDER had several topless cars including the ford as to the body being like apack of cards the body of the humber

was braced also WAVELL used them and l am sure others as well the reason that l am sure is that the chairman of the

museum MR ROBERT HOLTBY served in north africa during ww2 not only under alexander but wavell and gave the museum

numerous photos these included the cars l mentioned they where in my office for years on the wall sadly ROBERT DIED

but he served with the SAS in africa europe and lastly norway he retired major from his regiment

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Beverley Museum of Army Transport 23rd March1994. A short video showing some of the armoured vehicles.. Abbot, Scorpion, Ferret, Saladin, Diamond T tank transporter etc plus the Blackburn Beverley Transport Aircraft.


Something went wrong...



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