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58 Pattern Nylon Webbing


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Damn.....you have the nylon poncho roll I seek !!!!! But the waterbottle carrier is wrong, sorry.........


There was a 58 pattern belt in nylon...........Photo0500 (1).jpg


Also a large pack........Patt._'58_Mk._2_CEMO_rear_view.jpg


I still seek the pack, poncho roll and waterbottle carrier and my "MK2" 58 set in nylon is complete....lol :D

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No not ebay this set. I have had this for a while. The poncho roll was the last bit to come.

Just looking for a belt and water bottle pouch.



My trial nylon 58 belt was found at Du Bora's in Aldershot a couple of years ago now........


The rest of the items were sourced from Silverman's in London at (for them) a very reasonable £15 per item......all used except for the yoke which is new..........seems they bought up most of the trial stock and still have this available now......look on their website, use the drop-down menu on each item, and it is still there.......this gear is genuine and far rarer than the earlier "72 pattern".........


Appreciate your eyes kept open for a second poncho roll !!! Silverman's have none of these, nor packs or waterbottle pouches, but do have the yokes, kidney pouches, ammo pouches and (apparently) belts too.......

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Was there a trials nylon gas mask pouch?

Not that I'm aware of. By then the NBC friendly butyl S6 respirator haversack was in use, so presumably there was no need.


There was a new respirator haversack with the 1985 trials PLCE set though. Almost the same as the later issue one, but had different rear fittings.

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Will NOT be paying Silvermans prices any day soon thats for sure.


Probably wont complete the set ever and not actively looking due to its rarity BUT of course if I come accross any bits at a sensible price then would be rude not to.

Thankfully I got my bits from them just before they whacked their prices up. Likewise I wouldn't pay what they're asking now.


Bits turn up on eBay now and again. That's how I got my poncho carrier.

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