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prices of deac weapons at war and p show !


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so basically .....(I don't want to sound thick but I am haing some difficulty getting my head around this .........) lets get this straight and completely understood .....

if I decided I did not want to pay an astonomical sum for a deactivated or replica of say ...a Sten or a Thompson or maybe a .30 cal Browning...and ...

..I spent a few nights in my workshop working with my lathe / pillar drill and welding set and a few tins of black paint ..... (well within the capabilities of just about anyone on this website I would have thought ?) .

...........and ....

.......subsequently turned out a reasonable representation of one of the afore mentioned weapons ......with the sole intention of carrying it at a few military shows etc...

then...I would have broken the law and would be quite liable to prosecution ????

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Yes, it is illegal to manufacture realistic imitation firearms.


That may include all the 'dummy' rardens fitted to all the Sabre's out there!


I know, it's all bonkers...


It's also illegal to stick a few lengths of drain pipe on the top of a BRDM-2 9P148.... :nut:


I think dummy ammo is OK though.?

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Just to try and look at it a different way, The VCR does not mention buying or owning replica's ? Also what is 're-enactment'. If I go with my vehicle and set out a few items on display or have a replica on the vehicle for people to see, can that be defined as a 're-enactment' ?


Section 36 - Manufacture, import and sale of realistic imitation firearms


A person is guilty of an offence if

(a) he manufactures a realistic imitation firearm;

(b) he modifies an imitation firearm so that it becomes a realistic imitation firearm;

© he sells a realistic imitation firearm; or

(d) he brings a realistic imitation firearm into Great Britain or causes one to be brought

into Great Britain.


Insurance is the only issue, but by insuring your military vehicle the policies usually include a third party clause covering shows etc. including usually the things you take (although I have actually taken out a third party liability insurance as I often take my kit into schools for kids to see). Most of us are in the MVT which is a recognised body so again strengthens the re-enactment theme.


I have bought replica's legally in the UK in the last 6 months. They of course did want copies of the above mentioned emailed to them to confirm who I was, as a company selling replicas and having to conform to the VCR they were happy to sell them to me once I had proved it so I don't think we should be put off (if you of course want to go the replica route) buying or using a replica, there are now many more on the market and the quality is getting better.


I'll still buy de-acs if I can afford them but replicas are still an option.


People's comments would be welcome.



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When I bought the Airsoft Browning the Dealear was very thourgh. Rightly so, I spoke to him on the phone, e -mailed copies of my documentation, then spoke to him again. No problem Browning duly arived. Expect dealaers to be carful. Ten years is a looong time.

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Old post revisited - I was thinking of buying a realistic imitation airsoft SLR or SA80 to go in my MV but do I have a defence under VCR, if all I want to use it for is to stick it in the rifle bracket in the vehicle. I'm an MVT member, so do I have a defence in that my vehicle when fully kitted out is in itself a 're-enactment'? Or do I need to be an Airsoft Club member with an association number or join a military re-enactment club?


I presume also that even if I'm exempt I cannot buy one abroad whether I like it or not?

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