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No.1 Burner/Hydra Cooker/Fiels Kitchen


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Not a period photo, but an ancient photo of 43rd Recce Group using said burner. Note the catering axe on standby for use on the cabbage mechanic if the scoff doesn't turn out as planned....

Also note the ration assassin is in the prone position, wisely adopted when using this method of cooking.


The fez is Regimental Mess Dress.







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We went over to Cyprus for an excercise (Holiday) in 1981

When we went up to Akamas training area we were camped out on the beach, the Cooks ( Well thats what they called themselves)set up a field kitchen using some of these burners.


One of them eventually thought about refuelling it, only trouble was he forgot to turn it off and release the pressure.

The result was one cook casevaced by chopper to Akrotiri Hospital with 75% burns.


He returned to us back at Perham Down near Tidworth about a year later on release from Hospital.

The Master Chef immediately made him the field cooking instructor.

He knew the hazards.


One other tip when using these burners Do not use them buried in a roadside heap of gravel chippings.

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I thought you may like to see this photograph as it is of a no. 1 burner being used on Lionheart for anyone serving in the 1984 Exercise in Germany, we normally had an oven on the end of the trench which worked extremely well, the chimney is from the petrol water heaters that were far more dangerous than the burner.

Number 1 burner.jpg

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I have not seen these stands in close. Could anybody who has one post some pictures of it here. Some dimensions would also be great. We use this cooker for our events and it works well. Would be easier to use these stands though. Cheers

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