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Abbot FV433


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Greetings All

I am looking for information pertaining to the FV433 Abbot SPG.

What are the main differences between the FV432 and FV433 K60 power packs?

Can a FV432 power pack be reworked to use in a FV433?

Also, does the Abbot use the same track, sprockets, drive line etc as the FV432 series APCs?

Looking to know what is common between these vehicles. I know that FV432 parts seem to be in abundance and am concerned with serviceability issues do to parts availability.

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I take it you've got, or are about to buy an Abbot?


The wheels and tracks are identical, as is the steering box. The final drives are the same as the 434, which has a lower ratio than the 432.


The engine and gearbox are essentially the same as a 432 but the pack is completely different, being longer and lower than a 432 pack. The radiator and heat exchanger are special to the Abbot, as are a myriad of minor parts. Yes, you can put a 432 engine and box into an Abbot pack (I've just done exactly that) but it isn't a simple job!



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Thanks Andy


The reason that I asked was that I may have access to a spare pack but I believe the pack is from a 432 and was concerned whether or not I could swap the engine from one pack to the other if I ever needed to. I understand that having a correct pack would make an engine swap out easier but for the money and location it is a good deal I think.

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