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Lightweight land rover spring shackles


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here's yet another "interesting" modification I have to sort out, this time its the front spring shackles could I have some advise upon the correct parts needed and order of assembly etc,





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thanks for your reply ,are they standard short wheelbase parts and are these ones on the rear wrong as well


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As said above they look like 109 shackles. Some people do it as gives you an extra bit in height.


but as said the spacers are missing on one set.


not sure from the picture if that is the steel bushing from the spring or some dumb idea of a washer.


If you made the front look like the rear, with spacers, I would leave it


I would check the bolts though as they appear to long so might not be correct quality

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Just std. 88" civilian parts.




The mil. 109" extended shackles , they come with a set of shim packer washers IIRC .010" & .015" , it is important to gap correctly at the packer bush.


YOUR FIRST PHOTOGRAPH - seems incorrect , he has used a pair of shackle plates with welded packer it seems , that will be why they are splayed. can't see the point is lifting the chassis up on a 88" , often the mil. 109 were not raised at front although equipped.




You may find the bolts with heavy step wear from rubber inner steel liner if fitted dry , best to smear graphite grease on.

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