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Cars in the Park, Litchfield 7/7/13

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ok, not a millitary event, myself and a couple of friends were invited by a DDR Trabant owner to attend the event (organised by the local Round Table) with him, meeting at Tesco in the town and convoying in.


A red hot day, loads of car clubs (modified and "normal") and loads of individual owners turned up.


Not many mvs like I said, 3 landys, trabant (DDR Mil Pol) a Dodge weapons Carrier, a GMC deuce (with dual front wheels and covered in loads of stuff, couldnt get a piccy as he was always swamped with the public!) and a suprise in the form of.........well will post a piccy!





EEERRRMMMM cant seem to add piccys at moment (and no, not prolonging the suspense of the suprise)

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