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D-Day Museum Southsea Hampshire

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This may sound a random question however for those of you that have ever visited the D-Day museum in Southsea I am interested in your feedback.


1. How would you improve on the visitor experience?


2. Is there anything in particular you would like to see a display of that is not already displayed?


3. Interactive displays (press button type thingies)?

4. Simulator i.e. beach landing/glider landing leading into a walk through (smells and noises) diorama type of thing?


I look forwards to your thoughts





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Good Question if you find the answer you will have the whole museum world beating a path to your door for what its worth

having spent 20 years working in small and national museums A must is get your vistors involved wanting to have repeat

visits simulators are a good means to do this also visitors must be able to interact with the displays childern are a must

I was once told that if the kids are happy so is mum there fore hopefully dad can enjoy his day

ps make sure you have got lots of money




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I visited earlier this year with my mother and my two sons (aged 9 and 5).


We actually went to look at the fish first before taking a break in the tea rooms in the park opposite (excellent place with good service).


Fairly late in the day we mustered enough funds for the four of us to enter your museum. Once inside we were met by the tapestry. For a moment it looked to me as though that was the only thing in the museum! A large space, with just a theater in the middle of it. We viewed the tapestry and then went into the theater.


I cannot remember the film, but the boys enjoyed it, although that may be as they found it better than the tapestry? After the film we found the rest of the museum; and I am happy to report that the boys loved it!


Highlight for them both was the computers where they could search maps of the Normandy beaches. The 9 year old even recognised Ouistreham Riva Bella as being twinned with Angmering, West Sussex (Due north of Ouistreham) which is where my workshops are.


Towards the end of the visit they got excited about the DUKW and the landing craft. Trying to get them off the landing craft was very hard as they just wanted to play. Next came the dreaded shop on exit. That was painfull as we had already spent our funds before entering the museum. It was made slightly worse by being locked in as it was after last entry!


I would recommend the museum for a visit, but it definitely benefits by being in an area with other places to visit as it is not a full days visit.


The only part I would change would possibly be adding a museum site map just after the entrance point. A range of films in the theater perhaps?

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