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Stationary stores marking on a packet of post-it notes ?


:rofl::rofl: Very good Lauren, most in keeping with recent themes. Of course you could be quite right. Although I think the post-its would probably been wrapped up in a box with a white disc.

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OH RIGHT!! Is that a heavy hint? In France what thay call a Turkish Toilet? Squat hole with straning bar. Though I can't think who they are for.
Tony this is not a picture of a lavatory seat if that is what you mean. But you are very warm.
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OK, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em ............. is it a sign to indicated a latrine had already been dug at this particular location?


Yes Richard it is indeed.


But for whom to use?


PS Just re-read that. This is an operational latrine, dug & ready for use. The site of a former latrine would have certain markings left. But this is not it.

Edited by fv1609
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oh no, I was joking then ........ you mean its true? Yellow and white seem unlikely colours to indicate a nasty surprise if you dug a hole there.




Ah, just seen your edit ..............I was not correct then. Is it for Women to use?

Edited by Richard Farrant
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