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Adrian Scott's Hotchkiss Jeep STOLEN!!

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Just got of the phone to Adrian Scott, his Hotchkiss Jeep which is in WW2 guise has been stolen from his property in East Grinstead, they went to great lengths to take it, removing neighbors fences & hedges in the process.


Adrian will be providing full details later but here what I have so far.


24 Volt Electrics.

Hotchkiss Body on a Ford Chassis.

Freshly Painted.

Star & numbers on Bonnet.

The bumper has the incorrect type of wood inserted, the wood in this jeep is an orangy hardwood which should stand out if it hasn't already been changed.

On the dash the light & ignition switch is WW2 style but the start button is original Hotchkiss.

On the N/S there is a canvas strap that has broken


If anyone has any information or here's of a Jeep that may fit the description that is being offered for sale please email lee@hmvf.co.uk & it will be passed on to Adrian.


Please share this information, not just in the Uk but also in Europe to make this Jeep to Hot to handle.


As usual this thread will be locked so that the important details are not lost in dozens of posts.

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Please find the only picture of my Jeep taken since its respray taken at my mates wedding about 2 weeks ago .The white ribbon was not on the Jeep when stolen or the escort vehicle sign.


The chassis no is GPW 24648


Just to confirm ,its a hotchkiss body ,24volt etc on a Ford chassis.


The numbers on the side of the bonnet are, 20248617 with a invasion star on the middle of the bonnet.


Thanks again for all your help ,





Adrian's Jeep 2.JPG

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