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leyland daf 8x6 drops info

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There are a number of things this could be:


check the slack adjusters are working correctly, there is a 12mm? nut on them turn to the right I think this should ratchet with a resistance of 13lbs ft,if it spins freely in both directions then it is u/a and the wear on the linings will not be taken up via that and the s cam. You can leaver the back of the SBA at the point it is joined to the slack adjuster and should have about .5-1" of travel.

they might not of adjusted correctly and several hard depressions of the pedal can rectify this, although adjusting with the wheel in the air and using the slack adjuster is best. Ie wheel in the air free to spin and tighten the slack adjuster until it can't rotate, then back off until it's free to rotate and there is .75-1mm of travel between the shoes and the drum, you can hear when it's ok.



Ensure the brakes are properly warm and also make sure the load sim is correct I can get all this information later tommorow. Hope this helped so far anything else let me know.

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i know i have one broken slack adjuster, but funnily enough that one passed ok..

i will check the travel over the next few days..

all wheels were off the ground when adjusted.

maybe the brake actuators have seized a little?

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Brake actuators shouldn't seize up but the s cams and slack adjusters can if not greased.

linines new should be 17mm and replaced at 7.5mm measured from the split line.


When tested was the vehicle ladened or chained down?

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ok thanks guys, i have found a leaking exhaust foot brake test 2.jpgbrake valve, which is now fixed.. and re adjusted two axles a little..but i made a booboo and forgot that i swapped all wheels from front to back and forgot to deflate/re inflate tires correctly before the retest ! doh !! which wont have helped with the 'locking' as some tires would skid on the rollers due to being to flat. and it was loaded with a brdm-2 which is approx 7-7.5 ton.

booked in tomorrow morn for a brake test at a different testing station as the measured vehicle weight has changed between the 1st and 2nd mot tests by 200 kilogram !? why i dont know?

here are the 1st and second test results.

as you can see the odd thing being the 'locked' results being less than the 'unlocked' .. odd..

brake test 1.jpg

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You should be aiming to have at least 65% of the axle weights as a load - 7.5 tonne might be a bit light, being nearer the 50% mark (mind you - it depends what they have given you for the rear axle weights, but it would not surprise me if they were plated at 19 tonne for the full bogie which makes it an even smaller percentage - but like I say, it depends on your plated axle weights).


As for the results being less for the locked than the unlocked that is a combination of sliding friction being less than rolling friction plus the effect of localised heating at the surface of the roller tyre interface.


If you have not done so already, have a look at this:




Good luck!!

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no! failed by 1% and i had 14 ton on her..going to check air pressures etc and brake compensator etc soon

took her to an independent brake test and it passed (locked all wheels) but they didnt put in the brake code, just entered them manually..

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I have a Foden Drops. I FIND IT ACE. 434 no problems stollys. You may find the OT is wide and will stick out just be carefull round bends,,



Hi hi I see you have a foden drops I am looking to get a Leyland Daf drops to carry my FV432 do you think this ok ???


regards colvyn

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Hey ho


Each to their own. But 43 series were NOT sanctioned to be carried by DROPS in service and that was based on hard won experience without considering civilian axle and GVW constraints.


If that were not enough the latest DVSA purge is in the area of load restraint - and meeting the HSE guidelines with a 432 on a GP flatrack would be interesting as the side rails are only rated at 1.2 tons per section.


But my opinion remains, and I know that it diverges with that of others but I make no apologies. 430 series on a MMLC DROPS is an unsafe load (and depending on the plated weights of your axles and the restraint system may well be illegal too)

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here we go, in the army there have been stories of DROPs being loaded with 24 ton loads in an emergency, as with any tall truck you have to be aware of the limitations.


the DROPs is an excellent truck and a good handling truck. its maximum speed of 44 to 50 Mph adds to its overall safety if not its economy..


I have loaded a number of vehicles on the truck and any interpretation of the 432 being too high just not true.


The load bed I agree is not an ideal vehicle carrier, even the 15ton bed needs additional security in my opinion. for the tracked vehicles I personally prefer angle iron stops that do not allow the load to slip sideways. it does not have to be high i used a 2 inch strip welded to the bed on top so that if the 432/mtlb or similar tries to move it cannot. cross strapping the load on the bed is entirely safe.


however as always the load is only part of the issue, the driver and how he moves the vehicle is the major issue.


I once arrived at site after over 60 miles with a stalwart on the back of a Foden GS...some how I had forgotten to fasten the chains, to this day I cannot understand how. The stalwart had not moved an inch and it was just sitting there on its paltry cork hand brake Was I lucky yes....and no, I drive carefully..

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There is no "here we go": I am just drawing on my considerable experience with DROPS in both its design and development as well as its subsequent military service and answering the question posed with facts rather than opinion.


It is not safe in that carrying a 432 is beyond the design criteria of the truck and that's all there is to it. Furthermore depending on what a civilian registered DROPS vehicle is plated at it may well be (technically) overloaded (on steel springs it is likely to be plated at 30000kg, 2000 kg less than it was in service).


There are no official records of DROPS in service being used overloaded; in any event the LHS would trip long before it tried to load 24 tonne. If individual DROPS were used for anything out of the ordinary I can virtually guarantee that it was somewhere where even VOSA are not interested, on some vital operational task or other, and under strict supervision.


As for the load restraint I draw readers attention to:




There is quite a lot in there - and it is well worth reading in full, especially as load restraint seems to be the VOSA item of the moment on roadside checks.

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Well now its started I have to do this...sorry guys...


the daf is 15,000 kgs with a rack, or thereabout.


the 432 can be up to 13750 kgs


the daf can legally only carry 30,000kgs. it has steel suspension.


so you could be very close to the legal limit..


I would have the combination weighed prior to driving...ideally you will need to


1. make sure you know the exact weight of your 432...if it is close to 15 tons you are heading into very tricky scenarios.

2. take the daf and have it weighbridged fully loaded with fuel...and everything you will normally carry including the said rack..i suspect this will be close to 15 tons or more.

3. make sure the combination does not exceed 30 tons. wheel loading should be checked but be aware that our tyres are classed as supper singles they are over 300mm wide...so the same as twin wheels...in most circumstances...so its unlikely you will exceed 19,000 kgs on the rear bogies, but you must have the load as far forward as possible.


however you may have to unload the 432 of any fuel, and removable parts and put them on a small trailer behind the truck...tools spare tyres etc


for my peace of mind I am going to the weighbridge next week, my daf is having a full service so is off the road at the moment. as soon as we have the new oil pressure switch sorted we will go test it and our 432 too..

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