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1917 Model T Light Patrol Car

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Hi Gents, I am a freind of Jack's who has worked with him in a group of restorers who all belong to the Military Section of the Veteran Car Club of Western Australia. Together we have undertaken a number of restorations including Jack's recently completed Champ. Refer to the Thread on Champ 1824 on this site. Jack was a major contributor to both our group and the club. He is sadly missed. Our get togethers are not the same.

We offered to complete the Model T and Jack's widow, Marg has accepted. The vehicle will be completed and made available for the upcoming centenary events remembering the suffering of WW1.


I will be completing this blog on Mrg's behalf.


The vehicle has recently been run. Refer Youtube:



The sheetmetal has been painted in two pack. The timber bodywork in enamel. Unfortunately in a poor colour match requiring a repaint.

Other matters outstanding are the windshield. The vehicles didn't operate with a windshield but we assume Jack opted for a bit of driver comfort. We will make it removable to provide parade authenticity.

The Lewis Gun mount has provided a bit of a design challenge but a trolling of photos of the era has given us the clues to complete it. Other external items needing fabrication and fitting are, tool locker, petrol can holder and spare tyre holder.

The vehicle is literally under wraps for painting at the moment. When it is clear I will post some pictures.

I never in a million years thought that I would be called on to do this for Jack. The road has many turns and we don't know what's around the corner.





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Good to see you here Brian.


I think I can offer thanks on behalf of all the forum members for offering to complete this in Jack's memory. I won't go any further than to commend you for your efforts and to sympathise with you all on your loss.

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Completion of the Project

It is now 7 months since Jack McRoberts untimely passing.

The Model T Light Patrol Car that he was building is finally complete.

Here are a few pictures of the completed vehicle with comments.


This is the car that Jack was trying to create, a 1917 ModelT Gun Car as served with the 1st Australian Light Car Patrol in Palestine and Syria in 1917-18.



And this is the finished result:

Model T taken 19 Mar 2014 near Welshpool Workshop.JPG


20140129_143211 reduced.jpg




We were unsure as to what serial number Jack had wanted the vehicle so we chose one from the Unit’s War Diary at the AWM. It was only after that we had applied it that we found a photo of Jack’s serial template which had been mislaid– LC1217!

We spent a lot of time researching the gun mount. This is what we ended up with from grainy AWM photos. The mount the Australians used was different to the British and basically consists of a rowlock atop some telescopic tubing attached to the chassis and the front of the cowl.





The vehicle in the original WW1 photo sports a crest. It is the 1908 Australian Crest with Australian Light Horse emu feather plumes tucked in it. Jack’s son David produced this beautiful example as a tribute to his Dad.



1908 Australian Coat of Arms.jpg

We thought that the vehicle was a fitting memorial to Jack so this plaque now graces its entry door.


Memory Plaque.jpg


Murray, Tony, Peter and Brian with the T-001.jpg

Murray, Tony, Peter and Brian- The Wednesday Group(Creatively named!)

The T on it’s first major outing the Perth ANZAC Day(Veteran’s) Parade with a WW2 veteran in the front.


2014 anzac day.jpg




The man himself.


sterling with jackreduced.jpg

Rest In Peace Jack, you are sorely missed!

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To all those in the Wednesday Group, you have done a great job, Jack would be proud of your work to complete it. A great pity we could not have had it alongside the other two Model T Light Patrol Car replicas in March, but with distance involved it was understandable.


I can recognise Tony in the photos even though it is 14 years since we met!


regards, Richard

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Jack and I corresponded on several occasions about the LCP Fords several times before his untimely death. I was pleased to contribute several images that he didn't have, including the rear of the vehicle. I'm sure he'd approve of the fine job you did completing his dream.


Bosun Al

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Jack's daughter here -


I just wanted to stop in again and let you know how happy I (and the rest of the fam) are that this project was able to be continued and completed. My father talked often about having the Model T in the Anzac Day Parade and even though he was unable to see that dream through to completion, he had an amazing group of friends that made a promise and saw it through.


To my four favourite boys, the Wednesday Group, thank you for finishing Jacks Model T. You have been an amazing source of support and laughter for my mum (and thanks for capturing that rat ;)), and the rest of our family. I am so appreciative to each and every one of you (except when Tony refers to me as sounding like a septic tank!) for everything you have done, Model T and beyond.


Thank you to everyone on this forum that helped my dad with his research, he talked about all of you often....and often had to take his coffee and biccies "to go" as there was important work to be done in the computer room. My dad was one in a million and his Model T, no matter where it calls home, will always be a reminder of this.



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Good to hear from you Leanne, your father had our fondest regards, and all respect to the group who took on the completion of the project as a lasting memorial, not only to the original soldiers of the patrol, but to your father as well.

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Just joined the forum. Enjoyed reading all the posts documenting your restoration / conversion and a great outcome!


Questions for anybody on the team - How did you arrive at that color [Leyland Sand Glow?] for the vehicle? Did you have any specs or contract docs that specified that Model T's being sent to Egypt during WW1 would be painted that color? Do you know of any such documents? Do you know of any evidence indicating the historically correct color or colors of Model T's used by the Light Car Patrols from 1916 to 1919?


All the best,


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