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1/24th Scale FV432 kit from KFS

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Hello all.


Thought I'd just give a heads up on the forthcoming 1/24th scale FV432 kit.

We`re now on the down hill run to the finish. She goes in for casting later this week now that all the parts are organised & listed. Etchwork design is completed, decals decided on & signed off for production.


I've just posted a very temporary photo of the masters only on http://www.kitformservices.com/standard.html have a shutie by all means. This is not the full kit, only the individual masters.


Parts count in total is around 774 & a breakdown & description of whats what is on the page also. Price & release data TBA asap.


In other news...the L118 105 Light Gun master patterns have at last got underway & with luck should be ready in 4-5 weeks time.


Following the L118 is the BAT series L1-L4-L7, (one multi-kit that covers them all) & the 106 recoilless for the Champ, all of which are ready to go.


The L6 WOMBAT, follows those...... if I can get the rest of the data I need.


Can I just add again a big thank you to all the members who have helped out with data & photos on various projects over the past 12 months.


Best regs all.

Howard @ KFS

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