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Humber Pig parts


Hi everyone, Im slowly looking around trying to decide if i am up to owning a on old MV and the Humber pig is the one i have my eyes on. While trying to research parts i noticed a problem especially with the tyres, i know the mk2 need to be reinforced but are there replacement options around for the pig and what options do we have for either mk1/mk2?


Im sure questions on parts have been asked many times but i have struggled to find them thats why i posted, so sorry if i am repeating someone elses posts.


I have found a pig mk2 i believe which is meant to be a good runner but needs brakes looking at, are they an issue as well? I think it might be out of my budget so im not going to jump in until im happy - never easy tho!


Thanks for listening, James

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James brakes are not really a problem. They are operated hydraulically by Lockhead & lot easier to set up than Girling in Land Rovers. The handbrake acts directly by a linkage on each cylinder, not a transmission brake like on a Land Rover. You won't get new slave cylinders, you will have to rebuild them. They are a bit fiddly but the cup is the same size as for a 101. Master cylinders are fairly easy to get & service kits.


But at least the clutch mechanism needs no hydraulics, it is just a pedal & linkage to the clutch.


As for tyres unless the tyres are good it immediately knocks £1,000 off the value in my view. For that is the price you might expect to pay if you found some surplus ones.There seem to be no sources of run flat tyres of the required size any more. So you have to rely on a chance purchase of someone having a clear out, giving up etc. Someone has fitted truck tyres but they are not RF so carrying a spare with a Pig doesn't really look right.


What you have to get used to is that there is no Humber spare parts autofactors where you can buy something you need. The B60 engine spares are available at a price. You can get brake hoses made up & there were a few servos around at a price. But most other things you can sort out equivalents or make up yourself.

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Being on a forum like this and getting to know people certainly helps :D


I know someone ( :whistle::whistle::whistle:) who would suggest having a copy of the relevant EMER's and Parts Lists on your phone for when you attend military parts sales etc.


Some parts were commonly used on other vehicles as Clive has eluded to. So subject knowledge is important.


I would strongly suggest getting a copy of the Parts CD. Available off eBay and also the User Handbook (Copy) off Milweb Library too.


They have certainly helped me get my head around an FV1611A.


Best wishes

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