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New bearings have been sorted ouch ! and have the bulkhead and other bits back from being soda blasted :-D






looks a lot better without all that old paint and rust have given it all an etch primer and undercoat to protect the metal until I start repairing various amounts of rust damage.




Hi Jeremy really good progress mate well done, I'm interested in the 'soda blasting' you had done as it sounds like the way to go with my QL cab. where did you get it done or do they come to you ? and is it better that the traditional shot blasting which I find can be a bit 'hit & miss' cheers Ian

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Just back from Wartime in the Vale, great wkend met friends old and new, 90 mile  odd mile round trip and no problems There were three Aero screen early Bedfords there which was great as in

Took it for a spin down the drive yesterday only to have it spew coolant out of the rad FFS ! Ok quick search last night through the resto threads on here and today replaced the spring inside the top

Happy days 

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Yes I see what you mean they are not so well cast as the brackets sorry matey looks like your gonna have lots of therapy filing them into shape :cool2: As I said I think they are too small to be cast in sand and maybe we should have gone for the lost wax method.

At least we have them to start work on which is the main thing :D and I'm sure that they will look great when finished :D

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Frustrating day in't shed as I realised there is way too much play on the clutch pedal have taken the gearbox and clutch out to see what's going on and have posted a question about my problem in the I may be stupid but category :red:




gearbox out :undecided:










Clutch fork does not seem to be bent and was fitted ok, after release bearing and fork removed I could feel a lot of slack in the clutch release fingers, this diminished as I undid the bolts holding the clutch to the fly wheel.

re fitted clutch without friction disc replaced clutch fork and play had disappeared ????? HELP PLEASE :red:

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Came across a very sad MW today






I think this one is a bit beyond rescue but I will try and save any parts before its cut up for scrap, found this -




Nice looking passenger side fuel tank but not all is as it seems :cry: it felt a little on the heavy side -




out with the grinder and MOUSE NEST !!! it was full of hazel nuts and one mouse !! oh well never mind at least it had the correct fuel tap still on it which will come in usefull :-D

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The tank or the MW ? :-D Better news about the clutch as it seems wear in the ball and clutch fork plus a missing washer accounted for the extra travel, will know more when its all back together again hopefully this will solve the problem.




Come on Jeremey, you could restore that!:nut:
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I'd be severely tempted to take all of that home and throw a sheet over it till your restoration was complete. I predict there will be something you need to use on that, at least for a pattern, before you are done.

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Did a bit of recycling today :nut: managed to save a few bits but most has gone too far :(








Not sure what this is water pump MWC ?


Hi Jeremy,


It looks like to me that it should be fitted on the gear box.

So who knows maybe a later waterpump...??




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It's a transmission PTO mounted pump of some sort, but I agree with the comment on the other three that it is hydraulic rather that air or water - both would have much bigger cylinders.


If I had to guess, PTO hydraulic pump from something like a Dodge D60S 3 ton tipper - just a guess though. :cool2:


I think the air pumps and hydraulic pumps used the same PTO and gear, they would interchange where that flange is. Wouldn't be surprised if the hydraulic pump section at least was salvageable.

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Do you happen to have any pics of a complete one to help me reproduce them, I have the other side I think also.




This is a pic of the underside of the other splash guard, again could do with some decent pics and dims of this as well, I found both festering away under the chassis probably removed along with the engine years ago.

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