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Fitting aerial support bracket to TUM GS Soft Top

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Stumped again! Thought that it would be a simple job to fit an antenna bracket to the side of my 110 TUM GS ST. Have the bracket (5985-99-637-0810) specified in the fitting instructions (Army Code No 61590, Part 7, Supp 5, 2ed) and there are holes where a previously fitted bracket has been removed. However they don't line up with the holes in the bracket and neither the holes in the bracket nor the holes in the land rover comply with the drilling instructions in the above handbook. Also the bracket is too long and overlaps the door to the jerry can compartments. So I will have to carry out some "unauthorised" modifications to the brackets. Does anybody have a TUM GS Soft Top with a bracket already fitted? If so please can you tell me the distance from the top of the jerry can door and the bottom edge of the bracket. Anybody know whether there are some official documents covering this mod?

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Army Code No 61590 relates to Clansmen in Trucks 1/2 & 3/4 Ton ie Series


For TUL/TUM the bracket you need is 2590-99-147-2014 (Rover No. MTC3063)


The matching support column is 2590-99-850-1370 (Rover No. MRC8491)

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