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Acmat TPK4-20-SM


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The replacement red wings that we had already figured out were different than the original ones turned out to be more of a puzzle than ever expected. The original wings have a sloping rear so to keep the same lines we would chop the rear off the old ones and merge with the red ones. As you can see in the piccies there was a few more areas that needed rethinking but one side is tacked up ready to finish.


It does help when the team you work with, via emails can communicate well and point out good ideas/suggestions


A795 TNK ACMAT 227.jpg

A795 TNK ACMAT 223.jpg

A795 TNK ACMAT 224.jpg

A795 TNK ACMAT 225.jpg

A795 TNK ACMAT 226.jpg

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Like the sporty looking Leyland fire engine in the background.....................wonder who that belongs to :cool2:


It is rather swanky looking :D. My wings are off a fire truck



Is it a UK reg ACMAT? I set up and bought the ones in the Army! If so, can help you out a bit. Jim


Mine is an old one from the Irish Army, but any info, reading material, bits and leads are always great :D. A UK one was seen over here not so long back..... was a bit of a shock



The wings all welded together......


A795 TNK ACMAT 229.jpg

A795 TNK ACMAT 231.jpg

A795 TNK ACMAT 228.jpg

A795 TNK ACMAT 230.jpg

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As we got a thread about old tools I thought I'd put up some photos of some new tools I got last week, basically 2 mini welders and a roller cabinet.




So I had to spruce up the top box




I now have tool sets on 3 continents :undecided:









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Well my 4th trip to the UK this year. Some more progress, with most the front blasted but still waiting on some bigger parts to arrive




Marked up some holes that need filling or making:nut:




This is the rather crude way that factory Acmat filled the original indicator light positions. I asked for these to be welded

in so we don't end up with another water collector





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The seats should be a hell of a lot easier to fit as they are original Acmat. Main issue is it generally takes A long time to get bits. I need some new handbrake cables and some other new bits but the negotiations have just started. Whats up with the Sumb?

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Re the SUMB the brake fluid seems to have escaped since I originally looked at it in March :( The air system is OK (pressure holds in tanks and pressing pedal operates air cylinder after several days parked) but very little braking effect and reservoir level has reached bottom (I remember checking and it was about 1/2 back in March). There are signs of fluid around right rear wheel so probably new seals in the wheel cylinder needed :( I can find NOS rear wheel cylinders in France on ebay.fr but no postage to UK is offered



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Well 5th trip to UK this year. I didn't get up to see the Acmat but did finally get the shipment organized for the spare green cab to be shipped from the South of France. So hopefully Santa will bring it the week before Christmas


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Well a bit of luck today. It was discovered the fuel suction line in the tank may have some pinholes in it...Luck as better it is found in a shed than on the side of the road in Aus :D


A795 TNK ACMAT 323.jpg


I also won this DAF Drops Air Conditioning Kit from Witham's for 185 quid. The compressor alone is worth over 200 so I am happy


A795 TNK ACMAT 328.jpg


Lastly, a view underneath of the oil leaks


A795 TNK ACMAT 326.jpg

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I bought mine in 2006


You need to get it out more often



Big developments at the back end of said ACMAT folks...................watch this space!


I been travelling to Aus, trying to sort the mess out that my brother created and has put my parents in the cr@p. Just waiting to board the silver plane back to Malaysia now. Be good to see some new piccies

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A few Acmat fuel tanks coming up on Mod-Sales, hopefully some other Acmat gear will come up. Whacked a bid in as saw they had the locking cap system. What is odd though, is I thought the locking cap was sitting on the top of the tank, but after zooming in it appears to be a second fill point...... Seems weird, locking cap under the floor and non-locking cap on the exterior fill point :???


A795 TNK ACMAT 352.jpg

A795 TNK ACMAT 346.jpg

A795 TNK ACMAT 347.jpg

A795 TNK ACMAT 348.jpg

A795 TNK ACMAT 349.jpg

A795 TNK ACMAT 350.jpg

A795 TNK ACMAT 351.jpg

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