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Desert Well Water Sampler???????


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Had this in the shed for years. I was told it was issued for taking water samples from deep wells in the desert. It has a heavy lead plug in the base, and is un-issued, the stopper is still in its pres wax paper.

Any ideas as to its real use??






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Dave I stumbled across the answer. Looking in my copy of Kit! that came today, there is picture of an identical device to yours.


It is an "Eagle" type sampler for bulk fuel testing. There is warning that it should no longer be used & instead what looks like a thinner stainless steel thing:


Any Level Bottom Sampler 6695-99-255-0244

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Beaten me to it, trying to find my AP1086.


However I have AP3160 Vol.2, Sect. C, Leaflet 1, which has a similar device:


Cans, Sampling, 1 quart, 34E/508


It looks rather narrow as it is on the edge of the spine. But Clive you have a splendid pair of there.



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