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Ward Lafrance serial/reg. numbers, usa

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I am tiring to figure out the registration number on my series 5 ward lafrance.

I have wheels and tracks number 3 that lists contracts but there seems to be a lot missing.

I tried to find the war contacts listed with no success.

I also so have just about all the references listed in the article and find nothing on war contracts.

So where did they find it ?

My truck is a very late war 557118


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What Totall Mike talks about is all from W&T no.3 .

In the article they show all the truck serial and registration numbers very well for the war lafrance series 1,2,3,4 and Kenworth 570,572,573. But when they get to Ward lafrance series 5 and Kenworth 573 there is a lot of gray area.

Also the contract number W-740-Ord-2723 is the same for the series 4 and 5.

I tried to find the contract number with a Google search , found a bunch of usual government B/S. I do not know who wrote the article but it could have been Winston G. Ramsey or Bart Vanderveen. I wonder where they found the information, Bart died in 2001 do not know about Winston.

I wish I could find that contact so I can read it myself, There has to be someone on this HMVF site that knows more.


Thanks Jeff

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