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1946 and 1959(early) Denison Smocks-What are the differences????

Scotch Harry

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Anybody please got an idiots guide as to what the differences are between a 1946 and 1959 pattern Denison(say for example the smock/s are missing their labels) are as have seen a few early 1959 patts in a WW2 type camo print??


There are two definitive wartime styles of Denisons........the original 1942 issue which has knit cuffs, a one piece front and back (no centre seam) and no means of securing the crutch flap to the rear of the smock........many of these were made in an almost hand-painted cammo fabric......the other style came in around late-1943 and is defined by the seamed front and rear panel, wider sleeves with no knitted cuffs and secured by tabs with three sets of buttons......the crutch flap has provision for securing at the back and the cammo print is often (not always) more defined and roller/screen-printed.......


There are some mixes of both the above, some later pattern smocks still having the seamless front and rear, etc, just simple manufacturing variations........


The 2nd wartime style lasted until 1952 when revised specs were issued..........the main change was a reversion to the knit cuffs and a reduction in the width of the lower sleeve..........some smocks by this time featured zinc-plated studs to resist corrosion......smocks made between 1946 and 1953 are essentially the same as the later wartime model in style and colour....


1960 saw the 1959 pattern smock introduced that was similar to the 52 model but now featured a full zip front.......labels generally now state "Smock Denison 1959 Pattern", the "Airborne Troops" bit rarely seen thereafter........


1962 onwards saw the cammo print get bolder in colour and pattern......


1968 saw the "Smock Camouflage" take over from the 1959 pattern but it was essentially the same item.......no reference on the label anymore to "Denison" or "Airborne Troops"........


1975-76 - last Denisons made........


1977 - DPM para smock introduced..........:D

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Was told many moons ago that sometime late 40s a new style was introduced unofficially called the 1946 pattern which was basically a 2nd Pattern WW2 type but with the button cuff replaced with a knit cuff??


I have all the War Office specs Harry....no "46 pattern".........the 2nd WW2 pattern with the "tab" cuff continued until revised specs were issued in 53 reverting to the knit-cuffs............the "tab" type has wider arms and a shorter sleeve length, detailed in the manufacturing specifications so easy to identify the various patterns (at least for me with the doc's to hand ! :D:D)

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