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WC63 Cab Mounting Blocks

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Hi All,


There seems to be a problem with my cab mounting blocks on the WC63 which I own. The bolts which mount the cab mounts to the chassis, seem to have been overtightened, which means that the cab suspesion mechanism doesn't work properly. As a result, everytime the vehicle goes over a bump or hollow, the cab floorplate catches on the driveshaft undenreath and causes a rattling noise.


I am led to beleive that each bolt is placed through a mounting block which in turn has some kind of padding underneath. I have searched high and low on the internet for the answer, but to no avail. I wondered if anyone knew the dimensions for these mounting blocks and pads, and the material of which they are made? Also, whether the front blocks are the same dimensions and materials as the rear blocks.


Many thanks in anticipation,


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