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looks M113 based looking at the skirts. Is it a jet drive outlet?


Very good indeed! Well done!


It not actually a M113 but it is based on it. Any idea what it is?


It is undergoing water trials with a M113 & FV430.


Which did the best in the trials?

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M114 Lynx! Must be good in the water!


Yes well done. You have won again!


At this stage it was described as the FMC Command & Reconnaisance Vehicle, a prototype manufactured by the FMC Corps as a private venture. In the water it was a little better than the M113, but the FV432 was best in class in the water :-D

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Suprised that a 432 was better in the water:red: I would have thought that the Lynx would have been more agile/faster.

Nice pics. Is it a trail for UK use seeing the trade plates on it?


Was doing the rounds of trials in Europe, FVRDE had it for one month in 1964 although the front of the report says it was 1965!


"The propulsive efficiency of FV430 is substantially better than the FMC vehicle"


"Steering ahead of the FMC is satisfactory and similar to M113 and FV430"




"Steering astern of FMC is also satisfactory again similar to M113 and very much better than FV430"


"The excellent vision through the FMC periscopes was nullified by the absence of any wipers"


"There was no ventilation system"


IR Vision


"No attempt has been made in the design ....to give the field of view requested"


"The identification range also falls far short of the requirement stated"




"The amount of space available to the crew and the good entry and escape hatches. This can only be described as luxurious compared to a three man Ferret"........well yes but that wasn't what it was being compared with in the trials!

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