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Landrover Wolf markings ex Cyprus

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Sorry Robin been one of those weeks:( (Ido know your name just a typo!!)Some plonk in a BMW X5 couldnt manage to control it and has taken out the AA 110 Luckily we are both OK and that we were stationary at the time! 110 Is quite poorly:cry:

Cheers for the help guys.



you still get my name wrong, plonker! First name Robin last name Craig!


I don't think it is any kind of weight designation as it is on the front bumper.



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Will do! Mil reg LM29AA any history would be good!!


Hi tony, spoken to Dhekelia workshops, they can confirm its Military Training Wing... But history is still restricted for some reason restricting their access to the file...


So now where's the story for the news letter?

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Ahhhh its restricted that must mean it an SAS unit:D I'll paint 21 on the door and it will all fit.:D Cheers for looking do you know what the training wing do?

Thanks again Fluf I'll get a story together for the newsletter.

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