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Unimog 404-1

simon stolly

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I recently acquired a Unimog 404-1, prior to me owning it, it was a radio body from the Swiss army. I plan to rebuild it to GS flat bed spec, as it has come to me with out any rear body and a flat bed would be of more use to me, not mention better off road.

Some of the things I need for It are:


air tank

rear body



The cab is quiet good with on minor rust and dents. If anyone can help me with spares, suppliers, addvice, it would be appreciated.

Any other mog fans out there???


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Four wheel drive really doesn't work as well when two of them are in the air you know....there just isn't the traction ! :-D


Simon - good place to look for bits is ebay . Always seem to be 404 bits coming up , even dropside/flatbed bodies occasionally . Westfield 4x4 have an ebay shop and always have loads of 404 bits and some panels . Bit pricey but what isn't ? I've also found that Simon Ward at Atkinson Vos is really helpful although they mostly deal with newer stuff these days . Good luck . D

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Nice display!!!! My mog was originally Swiss, any ideas where I can get some paint of the correct shade?



If you know the code then any decent finishers will mix some up for you. Being European it'll probably be a RAL number.

The place with the most in-depth knowledge is here --> http://www.unimog-community.de/index.php?newlang=eng

How's your German? :-)

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My English isn't good! Thanks for the info, I have mate who is fluent in German. I've found VK cars in Belgium, who do 404 spares alot cheaper than can be had over here. I am planning a trip over there soon, possibly to pick up a rear body and rake of other stuff I need. Depending on the vehicle I go in, there may be a spare seat(s) if any other Mog owners want go other with me to check them out. The owner tells me he has just bought 2000 tons of unimog spares!!!


Cheers Simon

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Now I'm replying to myself :shake:




Mogstock number three! Trust me: if you've got an interest in Mogs and like to see grown men (and women) being incredibly silly - not to mention fire-poi, absinthe, chainsaws and giant camp-fires - then you need to come to Mogstock3 :evil:

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The bloke that advertises on e bay sounds ok


You mean Manfred? I think his FleaBay name is Bluemann (or something similar) Yes: he's a helpful chap, and a good source of spares but he is a bit pricey (big fish in a small pond).


There's a chap in Turkey called nos4jeeps who does Mog bits and pieces - he's very reasonable ;¬)

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