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Looks like the paint stick my Dad once had, a thousand coats later and the 3/8" dia 'stick' looked like a lolly pop on the business end!




Yes Martin you are quite correct. It is a clod of paint removed from a vehicle.



But based on the colours what possibly could it be from?



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Now see here, FV1609 - how about a decent image for a start? :angry


I count around 44 distinct layered colours there, quite a few of which seem to be primer - but some of these colours could be the section of each layer of paint appearing as a different colour to the surface.


44 (including 5 or so primers) seems a few too many to me, even for the Army :nut:

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To have had so many different colours, I wonder if it was something like a jerry can or tanker fluid cap that would have been colour coded by it's contents.


I've already let the cat out of the bag this is from a vehicle.


In fact it was once featured in an International Defence Review.

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going by the colours could be a landrover used in the gulf / un colours bosnia / ect , dont keep us in the dark :undecided:


Interesting but wouldn't explain all the colours found.

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Mobile paint-spraying workshop/spray booth? Usually that level of paint gets chiseled off the fittings that support the part(s) being spray painted.




Ingenious Chris but this was an armoured vehicle.

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