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First pattern Gore-tex bivvy bag intro


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I think we are looking at the late 80s Jason, in line with the overhaul of personal kit, equipment, webbing, etc........


I have a 90-dated example that my daughter managed to coat in liquid mud at some festival, along with my mint OG 89 dated PLCE bergen.......:-(

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Interesting - thanks. So would be good to confirm when he was on tour and if he had the bag. Any other takers for a pre-1989 date.


I don't speak to my brother any more so that would be impossible, but he left early 90 and was always boasting how his regiment had the better kit than mine. We still had 58 webbing and slr's in 89 :undecided:


Here's a picture of the inside lid of my bergen. It was brand new when i bought it of a friend for £20 , just need some rocket pooches for it.


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