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1/76 Airfix QLT to 6 Pdr Portee


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Here is my Bedford QL Portee wearing the markings of the Left Flank Company - 2nd Bn Scots Guards - 201st Guards Motor Brigade - 1st Armoured Div in Libya 1942.

The chassis and cab are a modified Airfix QLT with the body scratch-built. The 6 Pdr A/T Gun is from Milicast, the transfers are from Aleran and P/E from Dan Taylor Models (mirrors and wipers) and Hauler (Sand channels). Tarps are tissue, helmet and rifles from Bull Models.





005 (3).JPG

007 (3).JPG

002 (2).JPG


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Did a double take on that, seems like history repeating itself. The Supacat Jackal isn't far off being a younger cousin to the Bedford. You would have thought that when we went into Iraq, then again, then to Afghanistan they would have said a bit sooner "I wonder what design works well in the desert? Ah lets look at what the LRDG and desert Rats used and copy them"


Fantastic bit of modelling.

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