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Long time listener, first time caller and all that...


I'm trying to get someone to look at and undertake some work on a vehicle I own. Engine needs looking at, and the head is certainly going to have to come off! Problem is (a) I don't have the time at present, (b) it's stored outside and this time of year is not terribly conducive to this type of work at a very slow, sporadic pace. So says I, let get some one to do it for me and it'll also be done properly.


Trying to get someone is not as easy as you'd think as soon as you mention it's a diesel and it's German I'm either met with indifference, no response or a price so high I'd need to sell the family on eBay (9 year old is house trained. Well sort of...). Can anyone recommend someone, anyone who'd possibly be able to assist me? It's been standing since 2007 and I really need it back on the road so I can start enjoying the damned thing!





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That type of engine has a tendency to get cracks in the cylinder head in the water channels.

We have had two 312, with water leaking in too the cylinders.

If you can get one the mercedes 352 is a better engine and it fits the same engine mounts.

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This one blew the head gasket and ended up with oil in the coolant. When I first got it, the head was pressure tested and a couple of cracks found, which were professionally repaired and (touch wood) I've not had any other issues yet.


I did hunt around for a 352 but to no avail. Cost of a replacement engine verses repair of this one would be a major factor for me.

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