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1/24 Bedford TM 4x4 and 6x6 Scratchbuild

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Thanks to NOS, I got a start on making up the corner and centre pull out posts for the cargo bed !!!!!!!!!!!!


I used a mixture of my tin foil, plastic and wire with a brass square section to act as a former !!!!!!!














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Been spending a wee bit of time off and on trying out ways to make my own U channels to build up the cargo bed and was struggling withthe tin foil as I could not get a consistant dimension. Then I found brass u channel and square rod that I was able to press together with a slightly thicker guage roasting tray and form long lengths with!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not much to show but at least it is proof of concept !!!!!!

Sub frame and bed head support posts joined









Inside the U channel is a strip of thin plastic card cut on the guilotine and superglued to give more strength over the length whilst keeping quite a nice scale thickness to the channel.








More faffing about to come



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While I am waiting on Tony's check dimension thought I would tackle the front headboard !!!!


I am quite chuffed with how easy this turned out once I had pieced the dimensions I needed together and thought out where to start first !!!


Majority is the tin foil and I am really chuffed how rigid it has become even though it is the thinner guage foil this time which was also easier to fold.












The thickness of the foil works for me. Will add the bits and bobs to it over the weekend



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Hi Tony


I have been very lucky that the superglue I use is the cheap £1 for 5 from Poundland. Sometimes if I need a to I mix a drop of this with a drop of the Revell, Humbrol or Plastic weld and it seems to stay a bit more glupy to work into a joint rather than being so thin and mobile !!!!


The superglue bonds the tin foil well but on occasion I have had bother but I maybe put that down to not having cleaned them properly if recycling food containers and being still a little greasy !!!!



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Just found this thread... some really wonderful work Nige, well done.


I'm glad my old master for the TM has been of some use too. I'm amazed its still around!






Hi Paul


Because I need two cabs I am hoping to try a slightly unusual approach that I have tested out already. Using your cab as a former I am going to try embossing tin foil into each elevation as individual panels.


Then try and plant these over a basic cab frame made of plastic and tin foil mix.

and cast

I saw one of the production run up for sale on E-bay but it would have eaten into my fund I am keeping back to buy a KFS Bedford MK !!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to invest in one this time round as I don't want to miss the boat again !!!!!


Having your master has given me a fantastic insight into how you go about putting a cab together and I get a real appreciation of the work that goes into making it work as a master that can be put into a mold and cast !!!!!


Part of the reason I don't want to use it on the model is that it would lose the master for future re-use by KFS for a re run ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but Howard was saying that it would likely involve having to prototype a new, more detailed master using the modern CAD drawing and 3D printing to meet people's higher expectations !!! That in no belies the fact as to how good your master is !!!!!!!


I have had a chance to see the Champ kit up close and it is stunning how precise the fit of all those intricate parts are !!!!!


Hope I can pull off what I am trying to do, it may end up looking pants and I will have to rethink ,,,,,,,,,, but that is the fun of experimenting and pushing my own comfort zone !!!!!!!


Thanks for looking on



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Set out the cargo bed sub frame using a sheet of plasticard to lightly spot weld the support pads to and a brass angle to lift the two main rails to the right height.





Cocked up a tiny bit as the majority of the supports rise between the cross bearers, but I will add these on where I have missed them



Added some headboard bits and the two sub frame verticals






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A big thanks goes to Tony of HMVF ( AKA NOS and the person who tips his cargo bed on its side just for my photos) as all this detail could not have been as easy to do without his fantastic assistance, photos and measurements !!!!!!!


Thanks Tony


Been working on the cargo bed using balsa sheet cut into strips and then reglued out of sequence to vary the grain of the wood with the runner spacers embossed and marked with permanent marker only for the moment until I can find thin strip to add in its place





The headboard fixed to the sub frame runners





And the start of the cross bearers





And with timbers dry fitted as still a bit of cross members to be done and some cuts outs for the iso lugs and rear most pairs of tie downs



Two additional tie downs have been drilled in front of the head board since







I might need to check my sizes around the rear axle mudguards as something does not line up true with the cross bearer. Worst caseI think might need to transplant a little plastic back where cut off !!!!!! No real biggy though !!!!!!!!


Hope you like



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Am enjoying my easter break in Lossiemouth and managing to get some work on the TM despite a full caravan of dogs, kids, in laws, etc.


Have added some details to the sides of the cargo bed for the side board hinges, tie downs and shackles.














More to follow



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Hi Tony


It is going together quite well now and I am still enjoying !!!!! Which says a lot as I have had one or two moments with it like any other build !!!!!!!!!!! A heck of a lot of credit goes to Tony (AKA NOS) on here for all the fantastic help that has got me past so many tricky and critical points !!!!!!


I am defo going to Perth and hope that others from the forums will say hi if they see me on the Stirling club stand !!!!!


Hope to see you there Tony



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As with all of my builds the smallest bits can be so bloody frustrating ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, yet some can just go together so easily !!!!!!!!!!! So far so good on these small bits !!!!!!!!!!!


Just now the build is getting to the awkward part of replicating the four cargo side boards that have to be identical in shape and size with all the add ons !!!!!!!!!! Was frustrating getting the former to the point where I am happy with the shapes and dimensions !!!!!!!!!! And I am surprised as to how good the tin foil is holding together with such thin section to join to !!!!!!!!



























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I think it has to be with seats and canopy on to be true !!!!!!! I prefer that look to the open back ,,,,,,,,, but if I do it right I may be able to lift the canopy off and display it open too !!!!!!!!!!! Will see how rigid the tarp is when I make it up !!!!!!!!!!



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I have just heard from Howard at KFS that he will have a set of wheels and tyres ready for me in time for Perth show so all going well, I will have them in time to set up under the chassis to give the build a better look !!!!!









Edited by okdoky
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That tin work is just amazing. Are you a very (very) short panel beater by trade. :cool2:




Thanks Howard for looking in !!!!!!!! I am finding it hard to get the tie downs to bond to the tin foil and drilling holes ends up with a bullet hole dent which is hard to get out !!!!!!!


Otherwise I am happy with how the tin foil is working out !!!!!!!! I would never have been able to get the same effect with the plastic profiles !!!!!!!



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Added canopy tie downs to the boards !!!!!!!!!!! Compromise on accuracy as had to drill pilot holes that show through on inside where the real ones would be 10mm bar spot welded to the boards !!!!!!!!!!





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