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1/24 Bedford TM 4x4 and 6x6 Scratchbuild

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I will get the drip tray under her ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Adding a few more leaky pipes to busy up the lump









Lump will fit but I have to leave off the fan to get the radiator to sit in front and allow the cab skin to go over it



Suppose that might be because an 8 cylinder engine is longer than a 6 and I don't have the actual engine length to work from



There has to be some sacrifices to accuracy if I am to get this done



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Have spent the past few weeks faffing about and not really succeeding in doing anything real constructive on the model until today !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Had a stab at folding the distinctive cargo bed sides in tin foil, as I cannot figure how to get the same effect in styrene with the straight and sharp folds !!!!!!!!!!



I can get the folds, but making them as accurately each time is very hard to do ,,,,,,,,,,, but I will persevere !!!!!!!!!!!



I also need to remember not to mark the folds with my exacto knife as I should have remembered from the DROPS that it starts of a severe metal fatigue fracture point !!!!!! ALWAYS USE A BLUNT BUT FINE BALL POINT EMBOSSING TOOL !!!!!!! The sharp fold on the bottom of this one was splitting early so already scrap !!!!!!!



I also have to figure out how I am going to bond the panels to the side pieces that have the locating holes that match up with the corner posts of the cargo bed !!!!







Also have to glue a reinforcing rod along the bottom edge and make the four holes that allow the side panels to locate on the cargo bed and pivot when sides are to be lowered !!!! This is what I am trying to achieve !!!!!!!!!!



More to follow tonight

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Tonight I changed tack and had a go making a fuel tank, as my head was splitting from all the complicated hold and folds of the cargo bed sides !!!



First off, I made up 20mm X 20mm plastic shims in pairs. The original though was to make the tank hollow with the end pairs and middle pairs joined by a wide diameter hollow tube to save on plastic sheet !!!!! I REALLY NEED TO STOCK UP SOON !!!!!!





A circle of thinner plastic is glued on the outers and then the tin foil burnished over the ends. I ended up having to use far more shims making it almost a solid lump. The tin foil was carefully wrapped and glued tightly around the former with a slight overlapping end lip on each end !!!!!!







Next problem is the fuel tank hangers !!!!!!!!!! This is what I needed !!!!!!!





The hangers are not like the Italeri kit ones as the trough is on the outside curve, not the inside like the Italeri parts !!!!!!



Made my own by pressing strips inside a 'C' section brass using a solid square brass strip that fitted neatly with the tin foil !!!!!!!



Sides folded flat !!!!!!






Tight fit needs careful prizing out !!!!!!!!!



Because I need a bend, I drilled and cut the trough with sharp scissors leaving the side lips intact !!!!!



Because the strength is then lost, I had to replace the missing trough with something else !!!!!!!



Using the lighter, I melted the sprue just enough to put a full 90 degree bend !!!!!



Sanded and glued in the trough at the corner using two part epoxy !!!!!!! I am going on the basis that the retainer straps will fill the top trough so the sprue inside will not be seen !!!!!!!! The outside face of the corner can be smoothed off later with car filler which itself will add some strength !!!!!!!!





Hope you like



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The ends of the tank was a real daft mistake as I had seen the detail close up when I took the photos and made a mental note at the time as to what I should try and do !!!!!!!!!!


When I am in the work room building I tend to be using the daughter's little notebook with a tiny screen !!!!!!


Brain fade got me into that fankle, but I think I recovered well enough to get away with it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, JUST !!!!!!!! Ha ha ha !!!!!!!


The tin foil is the type from carry out or roasting trays !!!!! It has a real good service use and accepts superglues well !!!! It has the advantage that you can layer the paint and get a very nice scratching down to a bare metal !!!!!!!



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Hi Tony


I am quite chuffed with how the tank looks just now, though I will not fix it in place till much later, and then add the retaining bolts and nuts to the hangers. Not sure how the top end of those bands are secured, will need to take a look next time I am out at Linlithgow.


I also need to give the filling spout a brisk !!!!!!! Perhaps just a bit too long ,,,,,,, but better that way just now than too short (said the actress to the bishop) !!!!!!!!!


Also trying to figure out what part I want to tackle next !!!!!!! I have plenty to choose from !!!!!!!


I have the photos and dimensions that NOS kindly took for me and posted up. I will need to print these off so that I can get my head around the different bits I need !!!!!!!!! Will likely have to visit a model supplies shop and get profiles I am lacking !!!!!!!


TM Body underside, you can see from wheel arches which end is front:


Main rails are 85 x 50mm channel, 885mm over outside of channels.

Short uprights from chassis rail feet to body rails are 80 x 40mm box. These are not at uniform centres. Pads are 160 x 60

Forgot to measure U channel cross rails - centre of first pair are 650 back from body front.

Two front bulkhead uprights are 80 x 40 box.

Any other dimensions needed, let me know.















Thanks again for those NOS !!!!! Really appreciated !!!!!



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Hi there NOS


Again you have done me proud with some fantastic measurements again !!!!!!!!!!!!! Very clear and easy for me to relate to from the headboard !!!!!!!!!!!! Greatly appreciated as always !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can I ask what the purpose of the rectangular holes just inboard, but forming part of the side rails, at 1160mm and at 3980mm ????????


Is that something to do with mounting other equipment packages like the UBRE or the like ???????


Thanks so much for your help NOS



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They're what I referred to as Twist Lock Sockets - I'm guessing they are same profile as container ISO twist locks, and the centres are about right (5" in from each end) for the locking points on a 10ft ISO container.......


I think the front headboards is the thickness of the steel sheet off the front of the body, so I reckon if you add 10 mm to all measurements that would be about right for distance from the front outside of the body?

Edited by N.O.S.
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Logical that then !!!!!!!!!!!!! I was forgetting that the ISO lock lug could be placed from below and like my King trailer, lock onto the container corner points !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Are all the cargo beds the same, or do some not have these installed ??????????? Is just that I did not see these on the bed in Linlithgow !!!!!!!! Mind you, there is a lot of junk in the way of viewing properly !!!!!!!!!!



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I looked at that very pic myself to check and see ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and noticed it hiding away there !!!!!!!!!! The other end has the seats up hiding it !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amazing what you find when you are looking in the right places !!!!!!!


Did you say that you actually have the corner and middle pull out posts as well ????



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Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha






I should go to Specsavers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


YOU ARE A SUPER STAR NOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not ask for any better reference points !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, where did I put my bottle ends ??????????????


Modelling by braille is definitely an interesting proposition !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I need to start practicing !!!!!!!!

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That is fantastic !!!!!! I take it you are fully satisfied with how the 3D imaging came out ?????????? I can't wait to get them in my hands and be able to but the chassis in context !!!!!!!!!!


I am hoping that I have them on the axles and fixed to the chassis by Perth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fantastic news



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