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Indoor work space (MAN-CAVE) at last !!!!!!!!!!


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At last !!!!!!!!!!!!


Finally got myself located indoors with a reasonable arrangement and close proximity to creature comforts like loo and the Mrs for regular fill ups of food, drink and the occasional amber nectar !!!!!!! The space was intended to be a new main family bathroom, but, I am happy with this alternative use !!!!!!!!!! I WONDER WHY ?????? I still have the shed for the model stash and bulkier items. IT NEEDS A GUT OUT AND TIDY THOUGH !!!


I am in good range for out WiFi and can use SWMBO's lap top for reference materials !!!!!!














On the work bench since the model club are looking to have a helo theme for the Perth model show in April !








These are 1/144 scale and I also hope to do more in the same scale including a couple of Revell Pumas and the Sea Kings !!!


Far more comfortable to work, especially with the onset of snow and freezing temperatures !!!!!!! I have sourced a small portable cabinet with swing out drawers and shelves for Holly, my 9 year old, who is very keen to keep her model building going !!!!




She has started a 1/72 Hawk trainer and has another Reds Hawk, a 1/32 Dornier, a 1/72 Antanov biplane of her own, and the pic of my 500 plus models to keep her going !!!!!


Having sourced a real Bedford TM 4x4 with the cargo bed off its chassis, I now have loads of photos and measurements to be getting going on the 1/24 models !!!!!!!!


Can you tell that I am a happy bunny ???????????


More to follow



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