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Bedford ql restoration question

bedford trucker

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The wheels and axles were taken off and were put into the back body with the top half of the cab this was 1 plane load. The chassis was fitted with casters at each corner the steering coloumn was unbolted from the bulkhead and lowered and the corner of the bulkhead was removed then this was another plane load. I think there was also some wooden plugs that were inserted into the fuel lines or perhaps the hydraulic lines. It was all so much trouble that I think it was rearly done. Also the war in the far east finished before the need was there.

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Hello guys

I know this thread was posted some time ago, but I'm looking to how Bedford Ql air portables would have been built, and broken down to transport.

Do any of you have a information about this or where I might be able to found any more information out about this?




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I drove a QL years ago that had a hinge in the near side chassis rail above the rear axle. So that the rear section on the near side could be folded forward, I was told that it was an air portable truck.

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If you can get access to a copy of "Bedford to Berlin and Beyond QL:The Forces Favourite 4x4", pages 83-4 give a basic sequence for dismantling airportable QLD GS and QLW. It runs to 24 separate operations, but no with detail on how they are carried out, so I don't know how much it will help. It also adds that "some additional  tasks were required for the tipper". It does, as Retriever indicated, involve castors being fitted.

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There was a Bedford booklet issued with instructions on dismantling and reassembling air portable QL lorries. The chassis did not split in half, it was loaded in to the aircraft on 4 castor wheels with lower half of cab and engine intact, both axles and springs were removed as assemblies.

The body was broken down into manageable sections.

regards Richard

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