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BATUS vehicles on the move in Canada

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As I have said before some of the vehicles from BATUS moves by road both coming from and going to BATUS.


This fall there has been quite a selection.


From the outset, my apologies for lack of light and lack of quality, the time of day that I pass by is not of my choosing and the camera is my phone and work wont buy me a better one!


The first vehicle is a Warrior. Exactly what variant i'm not sure.



warrior 1.jpg

warrior 2.jpg

warrior 3.jpg

warrior 4.jpg

warrior 5.jpg

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they are JCB 4xc 's if im not mistaken , different from the 3cx as they have same size wheels whereas 3xc have a smaller steering front wheel , presumably so they dont have to carry 2 different sized spare wheels.




You are correct 4CXM, the M is for military spec.

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This King trailer was headed east back to the UK.


Perched on top of a step frame trailer gave an interesting view of the underside and the articulation possible at a wheel station.


Would hate to have to check all the tyres on this as part of a first parade inspection.


I don't know what the snout at the rear in the centre is for, perhaps for pushing on?



king 1.jpg

king 2.jpg

king 3.jpg

king 4.jpg

king 5.jpg

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This absolutely mint Scimitar diesel showed up on its way west. It was so clean and fresh it was as if Chris McMillan had rebuilt it!


Sorry about the lighting but it was the best I could do.


Can anyone decipher the marking on the bin at the front?


I know from seeing other BATUS kit this will be the last time for a long while it will look this good.



scimitar 1.jpg

scimitar 2.jpg

scimitar 3.jpg

scimitar 4.jpg

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For me, this was the highlight last week.


As a scale modeller the detail I always wanted was good pictures of the real item showing obtuse and different paint schemes and markings to support a model of the same. At IPMS meets it was always interesting to see picture of the real vehicle displayed alongside the scale version.


This MAN wrecker shows just that. Some details I picked out were:-


- obviously the red patches on lockers and areas


- different coloured wheels obviously from another vehicle.


- the call sign done so poorly in vinyl stick on numbers and letters and peeling badly


- the paint pen "danger acid splash" on the battery boxes instead of any kind of formal stencil marking.


A real treat to see.



man 1.jpg

man 2.jpg

man 3.jpg

man 4.jpg

man 5.jpg

man 6.jpg

man 7.jpg

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