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War and Peace Revival *New Location*

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I reckon the hop farm has had enough of mv shows......................


You might be surprised mate but the War and Peace show and the music festival are the 2 biggest sources of income for the Hop Farm.


They are going to feel it as will the local businesses in the Paddock Wood area.


I live in East Peckham and I am currently drafting a letter to the local village magazine after reading issue after issue of what I can only describe as mis-informed rubbish from some areas of the local community.


As a former serving soldier I do not like being described in print (not me personally) as the pretend army who bring chaos to the area for the period of the War and Peace show!!!!


I shall be my usual diplomatic self but be assured I will make the point that those who write such rubbish should be 100% sure of the accuracy of their information before they put pen to paper.

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What I would like to see is W+P getting back to it's roots= A MILITARY VEHCILE SHOW !!........


Seems to me the bits of the show I'm not so keen on are the non-mv bits, but surely that is the price you pay for having a show on such a vast scale - it has to pay its way and the organisers should perhaps be cut some slack in this respect.


Maybe there is, and should only ever be, one W&P Show - it is unique and long may it continue.


The fact that other shows elsewhere in the country are not so large, and do not have so much of the non-MV or military related stuff, may contribute to their own unique success and popularity. Perhaps they should be allowed to develop in their own way with no aspirations to becoming a W&P clone.


Roll on July!


p.s. Thanks for the historical background, Richard!

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To save people keep asking me if this a hoax etc... you can ask Georgina, the Marketing/PR person for The War and Peace Show directly. She is a member of the forum http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/member.php?10240-The-War-and-Peace-Show

If you PM her she will get it via email if she is not online.


Apparently Georgina is the person who sent out the press release.


Hi all - I'm Georgina, the Marketing/PR person for The War and Peace Show. If you've any questions or comments about the Show please don't hesitate to email me at georgina@warandpeace.uk.com
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+60 miles so if your vehicle does 10mpg your looking at less than £40 extra.

Not really the end of the world considering the annual running costs of these vehicles.

I understand if you have several vehicles this could mount up but if you can afford several vehicles...............

Any change is going to receive criticism, but people complain if shirt buttons aren't done up correctly ;)

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Ok you guys stop moving stuff around :-) - we are coming over from the states and I had already made lodging reservations. Since I booked with a major chain a location change should not be a major deal.

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You may come to regret announcing this.... Arriving at the wedding to be met with "oh - where did all your hair go?" or "why is your skin now olive drab?"from the wife to be might not be the best start in life !!! :D:D:D:D


No i don't... she is on site with her adapted 109 ex raf series 3, and is protective about her property.

a poor girl called me fat once .... you don't want to know. she nearly got drowned in that swimming pool.


:D then you will see our dogs too. mastiff / great dane crossbreeds who will drool on you.

and would you guy's really attack a man that is semi wheelchair bound?:undecided:

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Change is good. Now that Rex is in charge of the entire event I'd imagine that it can be the show that he wants it to be, rather than the management team at the Hop Farm having a say. My company has just completed a £30million move from the middle of Lincoln to the outskirts, seemingly to start a fresh and build an engine overhaul facility that is bespoke rather than a compromise. The place is smaller than the old site, but in making the move we started a fresh and junked decades worth of 'stuff' that we didn't really need. I think it focuses the mind and makes you re-asses what your core values are, in long established events / business the tail can begin to wag the dog..... W&P 2013 will be a different event than those that have gone before I would imagine, yet retaining the core values that Rex considers define W&P as a visitor attraction.

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As per some of the earlier comments it`s a once a year event and you only get to see/meet european mv owners at war and peace, it will add about 50 miles extra(there and back) but i will still go,there are lots of great small/medium shows up in the midlands and up north which i try to get to as many as time/money allows.But they are to far for most european owners to get to(there are a few).I think everybody should give it a chance.


Ps my dodge seems happy bibbling down the motorway at 45mph with out to many problem`s.(it`s just boring);)

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Maybe its time for a change, as a creature of habbit i have been going for 12 years and taking a couple of trucks and Bikes. The space gets tighter every year unless you can go and rope of the field 2 weeks before. and i do get a little fed up with looking at vans and campers. saying that i love the show and so do the rest of the family so who knows.

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Anyone on FB, look on war and peace page- news tomorrow eve @10.


I wont copy and paste- will leave that to others.




For those that do not use Facebook..


There is a great deal of speculation and rumour flying around the various social media sites about War and Peace as usual.


We are just finishing packing the thousands of Christmas cards that go out each year with the entry forms for 2013, which are due to be posted on Wednesday 5 December. We’ve been locked away in our offices (complete with Christmas carols and Quality Street!) packing these cards for the past week but are nearly there.


So to make sure all your questions and concerns are answered, at 10pm on Tuesday 4 December we will give you all the news for our 2013 show, but please bear with us for now. Rest assured we love the show as much as you.


Rumours abound, but remember they’re not always correct. If you want to know exactly what’s happening this is the page to be on - so as usual, all news will be published on our website and on this facebook page only.


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Just Google mapped it, if it is true then that puts around 60 more miles on the current round trip of 530. I think it is time to call it a day and start develloping a Beltring of the North.



A Beltring of the Midlands would be more useful, then we could all attend more easily!

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Posted by John Blackman (CMV) on Facebook.


War & Peace is dead… long live The War and Peace Revival!

Following a difficult War & Peace 2012, the cracks that have been developing in recent years between the show team led by Rex Cadman, and the owners of the Hop Farm, home to the event since 1987, have finally developed into a yawning chasm. The event known by many simply as ‘Beltring’, is no more. Indeed, War & Peace is no more… at least as we knew it.


Hold on though, just a few months ago CMV was commemorating the event’s 30th anniversary. Are we now digging its grave and writing the eulogy? No we aren’t, not exactly. Because, hallelujah, W&P has been revived and remodeled into The War and Peace Revival, and has decamped to another location, lock, stock and hundreds of smoking barrels.


Folkestone racecourse, where horse racing ceases this month, will be the venue for the newly revived (and you didn’t even know it was ailing!) W&P. And, in case you are wondering, the change of venue encouraged the change of name, but not quite as much as the wrangling over who should own the right to use the War & Peace Show name and logo, which the Hop Farm has trademarked. Tolstoy’s lawyers were not available for comment.


The story broke officially just as we went to press, and we’ll be returning to it over the coming months, but as someone who made their 20th trip to War & Peace at the Hop Farm this year, I couldn’t be more delighted to hear news of the move. Much as I enjoyed W&P, it was in my view getting a little stale; still the biggest and best, you understand, but in need of… well, reviving. And there is nothing like a change of venue to encourage a few tweaks to a tired format, and there is no one better placed to implement those tweaks and to take the show to another level than Rex Cadman and his team.


Frankly, I’m really looking forward to The War and Peace Revival (www.warandpeacerevival.co.uk), 17-21 July 2013, how about you?


John Blackman -Editor



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