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War and Peace - arrivals from the deep south


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Hi all,


Was gonna put this in the W&P convoys topic, but probably best if its on its own.


I've told Rex I'll be available in the fortnight leading up to the show with a view to TRY to photograph any vehicles or convoys en route to Beltring. Its a side of the event that isnt normally covered, and I've often wondered how some of the vehicles I've seen got there!


Since I'm based in Ashford, if I get enough warning I can dangle myself off an M20 bridge and take a few shots, or get down to Dover to see ferry arrivals.


So, if anyone is planning to head up the M20 through Ashford, or knows of someone bringing vehicles in through Dover (and especially any convoys), then post here or PM me, and we'll try to get you up on the W&P website photo gallery before you get to the Hop Farm (well, maybe not)!


I'd also try to cover any large convoys heading down from London.


My contact details should go up on the W&P website under convoys at some point soon.


Oh, I do love planning for Beltring with almost 6 months still to go...!









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Yeah.... thanks for asking !


Bit of a mixture of pix at my own site http://www.depthoffieldimages.co.uk .


Loads of (good and not so good :oops: ) MV pix from last years Beltring to be found on the War and Peace website in the 2006 gallery (funnily enough those tagged 'Phil' )... if you have the stamina.


Also lots on other sites eg Military Odyssey, 2nd guards, Rolling Thunder/AIPS, Armchair General, etc... all worth a look irrespective of any work of mine being there!


I have another interesting photo project which I'll post about soon, and hopefully a few HMVF members might like to get involved - am currently scoping out the details...





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not sure yet how many will be travelling with us but we will post nearer the time.

not quite a 'clubmobile' but jimmy, dodge etc.

and i agree that you can't plan to early for Beltring, we have got plans in place already too.

can't wait


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Hi Phil,


As usual we will be doing our convoy trip to War and Peace, don't ask me what the route is though, as I just follow the truck in front. :-D


We should hit the limit of 8 vehicles in the convoy though all towing trailers and 1 towing an extra jeep. :-D


Would be good to catch the Jeep Vexin crew driving to the show though, as they would be coming from France and they always travel in convoy and full kit as well. Just not sure when they are actually coming, but could find out when and what route if you were intersted?




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