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BBC Radio Documentary - Broadcast this Sunday (11th November)

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Over the past six months I have been working in conjunction with a local BBC Radio presenter on an audio documentary to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the United States Army Air Force's arrival in the United Kingdom (1942 - 2012). This has entailed much background work, research, interviews, radio broadcast appeals and a trip to the Cambridge American Military Cemetery at Madingley.


The program has now been edited and finished and is being broadcast this Sunday (11th November), Armistice Day at 12.00 midday, in conjunction with the National commemorations of remembrance. The program contains a wealth of interviews with both local East Anglian people and American veterans of the Eighth Air Force who recall their own memories of the 'Friendly Invasion' when some three million American Serviceman passed through the UK. Some of the interviews were conducted this year especially for the program and some of them came from my own archive that I have been documenting and recording over the past 20+ years.


If you are out of area, you can listen to the program live on the BBC Radio Suffolk website at http://www.bbc.co.uk/radiosuffolk (click on the listen live section)


Also, here is the link to the program in the Radio Station diary http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00ztcr4


For those living in East Anglia, you can find Radio Suffolk on 95.5, 103.9, 104.6 FM. Alternatively, I'm sure it will also be available on 'Listen Again' after being broadcast. There are also expectations that the surrounding radio stations of BBC Radio Norfolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, and Three Counties Radio (Beds, Herts & Bucks) will also broadcast the program at a later date after it has debuted on BBC Radio Suffolk.


Having been in the radio studio this week to proof and amend the final edit, I can honestly say that I am extremely pleased with the overall quality of the program and truly feel that it does the memory of the USAAF justice.


I will leave you all however to draw your own conclusions........

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All this week (w/c 5th November), BBC Radio Suffolk have been playing interviews with local people and USAAF Veterans of the Eighth Air Force who were based in East Anglia during WWII.


Through modern technology, you can listen to these radio programs again via the net. Here is the link to this weeks programs.





Monday was ATC Cadet Brian Ward (who flew from Debach airfield on B-17's with the Americans).


Tuesday was Peter Minter, who's fathers brick company provided much of the building materials to construct the airfields at Ridgewell and Lavenham.


Wednesday was two Veterans of the 95th BG, based at Horham, Suffolk


Thursday was 8th AF Historian Malcolm Osborne, who works at Madingley Military Cemetery in Cambridge.

(A simply outstanding interview and well worth a listen)


Friday (today) was 1st Lt. Fred Kennie, who was shot down over Germany on the Oct 10th 1943 mission to Munster and five of his crew were killed interviewed in 2005. Thereafter, I am interviewed in the lead-up to the broadcast of the documentary on Sunday 11th.


All a bit time consuming, but some cracking material there well worth lending an ear!



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