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Where are the dancing girls, this time?

Tony B

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That's the thing! The computer is only a couple of weeks old! Old Faithful expired with a scarmbled scream. Despite immidiate First Aid and a mad dash to PC World it was declared Knackerd on Arrival!





Of course it was..........they wanted to sell you a new one:n00b:

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When I was young, I liked my women red haired and firey!


As I grew more mature I understod the alure of the dark haired sophisticated females




Now the chief thing I look for a woman?




Patience! :-D


and a white stick and a labrador;)

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Might the problem lie with Flash Player?


Both my Windows 7 machine at home and my work machine (RHEL Linux) AND its Win7 virtual machine, all three systems stopped showing Flash graphics a couple of months ago after a Flash update. Another Flash update a week or two back seemed to cure my work machine (but I am now using Chrome instead of Firefox for preference both on Linux and the Windows VM) but it brought the home machine to its knees as Windows went into a loop trying to find a fix for a problem.


Eventually managed to kill all Firefox processes and Google was my friend.


It seems that there are major issues between Firefox and Adobe over Flash Player for Firefox and a lot of people affected. Investigations found me a set of instructions on how to remove Flash Player then run an install of Flash 10.3, the last stable back-level.


HTH ... it might not.

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