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Saladin drivers hatch visor catches



I have a problem with the snap catches that pop out of the bottom of the visor in the drivers hatch (29/30 in the attachment). They have a slotted rod that the opening handle fits into to move them up to open the visor. However mine are rusted solid and I can't as yet budge them, and my tech drawing doesn't show enough detail to know how to dismantle them. Notes say the slotted rd is screwed into the snap hatch but don't know if there is a shoulder in there for the spring.


So my question is: can I press/bash the whole unit (slotted pin, spring and locking lug) out in one piece, or do I need to first unscrew the slotted pin? I that case I might have to drill them out and make a replacement. Thanks.

Hatch Diagram.jpg

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