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Wartime jeep for £8k?

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Don't necessarily pass up an M38. Mine's 1951 (not 1942) and ex Korean war, shipped out to Pakistan at the end of that war and then most likely served through a couple of Indo Pakistan wars. I bought mine in Pakistan and shipped it back. Its a pretty standard Jeep engine, the body and chassis is slightly larger than the WWII jeep and apparently stronger. The main visual clue is that the headlamps stick out rather than being recessed. Many parts are interchangeable between earlier Jeeps and the M38 though always check. Mine has an M38A rear drive (diff and hubs) .


As a general comment about jeeps, mine was running a bit rough and I traced the fault to the crankshaft, it had broken in two! I managed to change it on my front drive in Islamabad without taking the engine out!


As to the M38 being around in 1942, I'm sure I saw one in the film "South Pacific" which was set in 1942! Perhaps that's where the Greek confusion started?

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