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1/24th scale 1 Ton Forward Control

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Af,noon all.

Just posted some pictures & details of the first pre-production test build of the 1 tonner up on http://www.kitformservices.com


Still a couple of minor tweaks to do but nearly there. Should be out next month.

Airportable not far behind.


Click the 'Military Range' in the left side bar & scroll near to the bottom. Hope you like it.:D


Howard @ KFS

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Im in two minds about this one. I do like the look of bulged tyres on a model but if you actually look at photos of the real thing in most cases the sidewalls dont have any bulging - maybe a bit of flatting off which can easily be replicated but no discernible bulge? Of course it is not a problem you get on a cvrt anyway..! :D

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Those familiar with using resin will already know that by placing it in hot water it will soften, & with care will allow any distorted parts to be corrected & any perfectly straight parts to be distorted at will.


Therefore, if buldges are your thing;-

Suspend the lower 1/4 of the tyre in hot water for a few seconds, remove from water & insert the cold wheel centre, press slightly softened tyre down on work top to create flat spot & wall buldge as required. Run under cold tap to 'fix' the new shape. Repeat as required.





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Yes I read your mail. All your points have a valid counter argument / reason why they are the way they are.


However, if you must nit pick in public then feel free. Thats part of what a forum is for. No doubt the list has grown from the last e mail.


What ever gets you through the day & keeps you satisfied.:writing:

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Hi Howard.

The 101 looks fantastic looking forward to your next release , great to have you put so much time and effort in to British military vehicles and armour. The detail is outstanding.



Regards Tony.



ps see you at Telford.

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Hi Howard,

Having spent many years "hands on", working on the real vehicles that your models depict, I have to say how brilliantly detailed the models are. There is one photo of a Bedford MJ with a skyline in the background, if you looked quickly it could be the real vehicle. Well done. The 1 tonne looks the part and should be a popular model.


As with a lot of us, I started making models in small scale from a teenager with a few scratch built one, nearly all British lorries and nothing like the detail of yours. Look where it has got me....... building 1:1 scale now! :-)


regards, Richard

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