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GPMG Mount for Landrover.

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I was wondering if anybody out there could help with some information. I have most of a No. 11 Mk. 1 GPMG mount for the front of a Series 3 Landrover. I am missing the plate that fits in the footwell and supports the mounting post as well as the brackets that fit in the dash panel to brace the post. Any drawings or pictures to help me make the missing parts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Thanks very much for the offer, but it's quite a bit different. While the Pinky one goes through the floor and attaches to the chassis outrigger, the Series 3 one fits to a strengthening plate which lies on top of the floorplate and footwell and is fastened in by the standard floor bolts. I suppose they made them like that so that they could be swapped from vehicle to vehicle without leaving too much damage. Thanks again, I'll find some pictures eventually.

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I think you will find some of the Concord books by Bob Morrison on Operation Granby (first Gulf War) show some RAF Regiment vehicles with enough views that you can figure it out.


There may have been an article by him in Land Rover Owner under his column called Military Scene but I can't be sure. I di post a similar question about "recce" series 3s a while ago but not much response.


All my reference material is buried in a sea container right now as I'm building a house i'm afraid.



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