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It could lead to Insurance companies not paying out in a claim if they find a 'Modified' part (I have heard of this happening). My own vehicle has a rebuilt gearbox because I can't get the original gears, and is putting a Radio in a Jeep a modification?

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its disgusting i will have to remove my cibie oscars and my sponge bob air freshener :sweat:


Oh cool! Is your Sponge Bob air freshener an original issue U.S. one, or a postwar French copy? If it smells of garlic it definitely ain't a WW2 one.


Ok ok I'm going to sign.....

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In some ways the legislation for this already exists, in our Current construction and Use requirements. For example how many kids do you know who get their first car and equip it with an exhaust that you could live in, and can barely here the stereo above. C and U reg 54 says

54 (2) Every exhaust system and silencer shall be maintained in good and efficient working order and

[shall not after the date of manufacture be altered] so as to increase the noise made by the escape of

exhaust gases.

They still pass the MOT, it is therefore the testing regime that is not adequately equipped to deal with this. Police can't measure noise at the roadside and neither can an MOT station.


My guess is that so long as the parts used are approved, IE Lights etc then there will be no problem. Companies that already modify cars and vans etc, have to do it in conjunction with the original manufacturer and then gain type approval. Any one making their own structural changes to a vehicle would need to do it conjunction with the OEM and then get it approved, if its going on the road that makes sense doesnt it?


I havent looked too deep into how it may affect you guys, but there are always "get outs", quite often age related, and more often than not, Military vehicles were were exempted from the regs in the first place.


It would be interesting to explore some specific concerns, and look at them against the legislation.


Again it all comes down to Safety. Incidentally I recently did some work for one of the UK Fighting vehicle manufacturers. In the cab is a big Yellow sticker saying "Caution Armoured Fighting Vehicles can be Dangerous" ............ really ? I will try to find the photo.

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I remember watching a police programme on ch5 , and they followed a Ferrari for a mile as their police computer was coming back saying it was a toyota mr2 ?. It was a professionally built kit car and the owner hadn't claimed this with his insurance provider. When the police where happy he had insurance and all his paper work where in order they sent him on his way. So do modifiers really need to worry as long as its road worthy and not falling apart at the road side. Just my 2 pence worth .

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I thought that I had read in the motoring press that if a vehicle was modified from original then it would only need an MoT inspection despite being old enough to be exempt.

I hope that I am right

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