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Good morning from Suffolk

David TS

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Having seen one in the flesh last Saturday, I decided in about 10 seconds that I wanted a Supacat Mk III :D. Currently on an information gathering exercise ;).


Brief bit about me, 58 years old, I was in the Army and Air Cadets back in the 60's. I shoot, shotguns and rifle, and have an Enfield No 4 (T) sniper rifle and straight pull L1A1 SLR in the cabinet amongst others, largely due to having shot the No 4 and Bren in the Cadets all those years ago, and had a lifelong fondness for them ever since :).


I have been interested in warfare and military vehicles since I was a kid, and the Supacat would make an ideal lamping vehicle for shooting rabbits and foxes :).

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Welcome to the Forum David :-)


Interesting Rifles. I bet that sniper no.4 is nice. Is that straight pull SLR a bolt action? On section 1?








Thanks :)



The SLR is as original action wise - sliding breech block and carrier activated by the cocking lever - it just has an unported barrel and all the gas mechanism removed. Yes, it is Section 1 :)

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