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Reporting a Stolen Vehicle/Item

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Only the Admin & Moderators can start threads or post in this board. We have done this so that only the specific details & facts get posted. Recent threads on stolen property have gone off topic with unfounded speculation, and we have reluctantly had to pull some posts to prevent possible libel issues.


If you have had a Vehicle or Miliatry related kit stolen, or you know of something that has been stolen (check your facts first) then please send a PM with the following details




  • Date Stolen
  • Where from
  • Name of owner
  • Contact details
  • Make/Model of Vehicle or Desrition of item stolen
  • Registration Mark
  • Vin/Serial numbers
  • Engine Number.
  • Description of theft.
  • Description of Vehicle.
  • Any other relevant information
  • Please send Photos too.



If anyone has any relevant information regarding the Stolen item please PM it & will will add it to the thread.

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