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Hello from Bottom Box

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Back to Land Rovers after a 30 year break. I was an early member of both the Pennine and the Red Rose Land Rover clubs. Very active in trialling and Comp. Safari's. I enjoyed those Sundays playing out, and won a few cups. Hence the forum names here, and S2C, of "Bottom Box", harping back to my younger days of engaging low ratio, four wheel drive, and going for it. But 30 years older, 30 years wiser, I now prefer to park them the right way up.


Wife, child and job account for the 30 year break.


Now, I'm retired, with time to spare. I have a 1959 Series 2 Land Rover Bitsa, (civilian) which was purchased as an MOT failure. About £80, and some tinkering, and its now taxed, insured and MOT'd. There are just too many, non-original parts to warrant a full rebuild.


So, I bought another, a 1960, Ex-RAF GS Mk6 Rover. I'm looking forward to a full 'authentic' rebuild. Do I have an interest in military vehicles? Let's see where the journey takes us. Researching it's military history has definately been the best puzzle I ever bought. Gaydon build date is 21st December, 1959, so eventually both of them will be MOT exempt.

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