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Working with the RLC Museum in Deepcut ,Surrey, I have helped to restore a 1939 Morris Commercial 8 CWT Radio Truck - looks just like the 15 CWT General purpose one - a 1942 Scammel "Horse" and trailer, a 1962 Bedford 800 Gallon Tanker and a1992 "Snatch" Landrover. This latter one is "Hors de Combat" having "Blown" it's clutch ! We are waiting to see if some kind Military Unit will "Donate" us a replacement !

We have, at last , started on the 1926 Crossley "Kegresse" . We have freed the engines and clutch and are now mounting the Magneto towards getting the engine "Up and Running". We have to make a new fuel pipe , adapt the advance/retard mechanism - the Magneto is not a direct replacement . The old one went "Walkabout" while the vehicle was with the Tank Museum at Blandford.( Together with all the bodywork and the instruments and tracks.!!)

I spent Sunday last starting to cut a mild steel, 1.5 mm thick sheet into two sections prior to making a new bonnet for it.

I also emailed "Citroeniste" in France to see if they can tell us who made the tracks for their Citroen Kegresse P4 . So far we have only be able to find one in Australia !

Anyway , you can see we have enough on our plates for now. We await the arrival of the Humber "Pig" with som trepidation. !! Cheers

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