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I've been advised by FJ that premiums are up by 30% to 60% this year. Mine with them for my LR has certainly gone up substantially. I've checked out a few others, one or two have low mileage clauses, one was 4500 max. One suggested £291 for a 5000 mile limit. Can't be right I cried. Apparently it is. Adrian Flux (6000 miles) and Lancaster (10000 miles) seem to be the most competitive at £109 and £106. My vehicle is used regularly and not just for shows by the way. Any thoughts on here?

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Well worth looking about a certain Nautical type insurance firm tried uping my premium to £745!! :wow: The Old Foggies special got that down by £375!! I had to give up my membership of Club 18/30 though.


I don't drive, but have the "pleasure" of sorting out the family car insurance every year. My view is:


1) Most insurance companies will offer a low rate to attract new customers (and get their sales commission), the jack the price through the roof when it's time to renew. (Yes, AA Insurance, I'm specifically pointing the finger at you,)


2) There's a tendency to either try and load unwanted fripperies onto the policy or spam you to death with "special offers". (SAGA)


3) Price comparison sites are all very well (though "Go Compare!" will never see me visit their site because of their incredibly irritating advertising, likewise "Sheila's Wheels" because of the pumped up volume on the adverts - I nave a "Mute" button and am not afraid to use it.)


So it boils down to:


a) Shop around for re-quotes every year.

b) Do NOT believe the "we have checked and this is definitely the cheapest quote" - The AA after jacking it up by £300+!

c) Always check to see what they're covering you for.

d) A large excess (if you're doing your own repairs or the vehicle has low/no resale value) can drop the cost dramatically.


From personal experience (Age Concern, Saga, AA, Swintons, Colonnade and various brokers), LV= are currently a good bet (for family cars at least), and most of the office appears to have switched to them this year.


Just my 0.02 GBP worth.



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I had the same issue with FJ when I went to renew this year.


New under-writers have come into play and their terms and conditions have changed.


I shopped around and found a very good quote with Cherished Vehicles - went with them in the end.



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I have mine with them, and their predessescors. I have to say they have always been very helpful and competive. I messed them about with Katy, first in storage in Jersey, then on Jersey plates to bring her over, which requires specific paperwork as the disc has to be displayed like a tax disc, culminating in changing to English plates. They were always very helpful and prompt, and no extra charges.

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Never accept the first offer when a policy's renewed!

Home contents' insurance from LV, quoted £400+ on renewal, did some online digging.

aleksandr_the_meerkat.jpg Just to bug the hell out of Chris!)

Got a quote £100 cheaper, went back to LV, told them I wasn't renewing, as I'd got a cheaper quote elsewhere & qu'elle suprise! Got a quote that was £300+!

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Insurance policies can vary a great deal in the coverage they give. Price is not everything. Unfortunately it is extremely difficult to compare policies even for someone who is used to looking at wordings. Probably not a very useful post except to say be careful in what you buy.

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For those that have noticed the hobby fading, due to no "new blood" coming into it, Due entirely to the lack of insurance cover available to younger members. (though younger can mean NO ONE under 30!) There is a plethora of companies offering everything (except colorful full pages of advertising on every site you visit and forum you visit). and giving nothing in actuality. Now comes a refreshing change. An insurance broker that CARES and can provide for the military vehicle enthusiast, AND their younger family members. Aged 17 to 30. There are sensible restrictions or endorsements, for those younger family members in an enthusiast family of military collectors, such as, Driving whilst accompanied (as a relief driver) OR in convoy with. More than useful to get the enthusiasts family vehicles to a show or an event. And be members of suitable clubs, IMPS, MVT etc. And have some experience around vehicles in type, and supervision of the older experienced members. Applies to historic and classic car enthusiasts as well. Our Savior? ( or at last the hobbies savior?) PETER JAMES INSURANCE. Not the cheapest, Just the best for the hobby, or those wishing to avail themselves of the opportunity. And as most members want to preserve promote AND protect the hobby by nature, this opportunity is something that that needs the utmost backing with supervision, so that the new blood now able to come into the furtherance of the hobby can long continue.

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