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Hi, introducing me and my Slatty

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I thought it was about time I posted my introduction; I’m Roy and live in the West Midlands (sounds like AA).


I’m the proud owner :D of a’41 slat grill, or more accurately the dismantled parts that are steadily going back together, for around 6 months which fulfils a dream since being a kid. I bought her part completed, rolling chassis done and tub welded, from the US in October last year and she arrived in January with some more bits following in June. so things should be pretty straight forward.

The rebuild should be further on but for the lousy weather and time. Still the engine’s nearly back together and I now have a transfer box, or at least the complete kit of parts. Next bit is the re-blasting of the tub since it wasn’t painted after the previous owner did it.

She’s in good shape with the correct early chassis, tub, rims, pancake filter, full set of data plates, gauges and other good bits but ‘mission creep’ into the world of ‘correct’ keeps diverting funds away from just getting her together.

The great big decision is what colour, I fancy sand any thoughts?……shame she’s too late for caunter pattern,


Anyway she fills my need to build and collect things and follows old motorbikes, Austin champs (long gone) and a Camel Trophy Discovery that I recently discovered had been broken and crushed (very sad :-().

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