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In the scheme of things the "handle" is small so I am guessing this is designed for quite light work...... what work I have no idea at present, I shall ponder....


*Edit* Something a bomb aimer would use?


Nope not for aiming anything (bombs, sausages etc)

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I have had a look at what is on the back of the page...... I think it is a painting mask for hinges :-\


I can really see the brain cogs going round at full speed.:-D Good detective work but the thing overleaf is not part of this thing. The painting idea is ingenious but not correct.

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the lower rubber stud is for when the flap is dropped down,



could it be a hand held sign, perhaps for traffic control? By opening the flap it reveals an instruction maybe?
Nope but getting very very warm.
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Signalling device? Lower the flap to reveal a coloured panel for sending morse code?

(Going to make your arms tired very quickly!)




Yes John it is indeed well done.


I thought Richard was going to get there, but you pipped him at the post.:-D



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Not specifically.


But anyone got a date?


WW1, sometime after 1911 (since it's not mentioned in the 1907 (updated with amendments to May 1911) but does appear in the 1915 (provisional) edition and again in the 1917 version with different wording (claiming it's recently proved of much value).


I'd say "early WW1" when static warfare set in and anyone waving a flag from behind cover would have a very short military career indeed.



(And if I'd seen this when you'd first posted it it would have been a very short competition.) :-D

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